How long does it take to develop the photos?

After pressing the Color, Rust or B&W arcade buttons, the magic happens. There is a 5 second countdown between each photo with a preview after each photo. After the last incredibly photogenic photo is snapped, two identical photo-strips pop into the collection tray 8 seconds later. Strips are ready before one can exit the booth and hand one of our custom mustaches-on-sticks off to the next lucky guest.

What does the technician do?

Our techincians are well trained to ensure the photo booth functions the entire time of your rental. They do this by showing up on time, making sure things run smooth, changing paper quickly if the booth runs out, ensure props look great, and that guests know how to use the photo booth, scrapbook etc. Aside from that, our style is to blend in and not “lurk” over the photo booth. They’ll train your first several guests how to use the booth if needed and check on it periodically, but will mostly watch from afar to ensure people have uninterupted joy during your rental. As a policy, you are renting a photo booth, not an entertainer. Also, when working fundraising events, we do not handle money or ask for payment to use our photo booth.

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Once you’ve experienced the quality of the photos and the great customer service from the Chipper Booth team, you’ll wonder why you ever even bothered looking at other booths for your event. – Kelly T, Yelp Review

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